Your mission will be to use the time machine to go back one hour before the disaster: Three intercontinental nuclear warheads have been launched from the bunker where you will be sent. We need you to track the CIA operative that has been sent and find a way to disarm or neutralise the missiles before it is too late. After one hour the temporal loop will collapse and you will be transported back to the present whether your mission is a success or not. We are all counting on you!

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game time


square metre

3 to 7




Your Mission

For this mission we will sent you in Siberia in the arctic circle to infiltrate the E-02 bunker.

A group of russian soldiers gone rogue has, with the help of an old cold war-era submarine, taken control of this secret facility. Several intercontinental missiles have been launched. Millions of lives are at stake, we must not fail in our mission!

Your Employer

The CIA contacted us to prevent this tragedy. They informed us that they had a spy assigned to the surveillance of the rogue group and that his last communication mentioned bunker E-02 and his decision to intervene in order to prevent them access to this dangerous facility.

Your Enemy

The rogue group responsible for this attack seems to be A.R.E.S, an organisation led by the ultra-nationalist and former general Serguei Karamov according to the CIA. They have already been attributed several attacks throughout Russia and Europe aiming to destabilize world peace and bring about a “purging war for the russian nation”.

Your Constraints

You have only one hour to inspect the submarine, infiltrate the bunker, find the CIA agent and neutralise the missiles. We remind you that the keys to the success of this mission are you brain, communication and cooperation with your fellow agents.

Breaking News

A few hours ago three intercontinental missiles have targeted the cities of New York, London and Beijing.

The russian government denies any involvement in the incident and pointed to a rogue military general as the one responsible for the attacks. They have also promised all their help to the stricken nations. This unprecedented attack has led to the mobilisation of all major armies in addition to the different nuclear arsenals. Despite the denial of the russian government, the US-UK tandem has promised a swift and decisive retribution for this “act of war”.

Our Best Agents

Record Time : 26 minutes and 40 seconds by team “Les enquêteurs de l’extrême”